What Clients Say About Our Art Appraisal Services

From Museum Directors:

“Working with Jeremy Stone, be it in providing me with a full appraisal of artist David Ireland’s complex art estate, or the valuation of a collection of Bay Area art that I not long ago donated to my alma mater UC Davis was a great pleasure. I deem Jeremy and her fine associates to be consummate professionals. The quality of the research they conduct and documentation they generate for their clients is both impressive and unassailable. It is amongst the best I have encountered over many years of assisting collectors with their donations to many American museums and foundations.”
– Jock Reynolds, The Henry J. Heinz II Director, Yale University Art Gallery

“Jeremy Stone and her associates did an amazing job of appraising nearly 800 works from the personal estate of the late Rene di Rosa. Their reports gave invaluable information on individual works, through depth of art historical and market research, while providing fresh statistical and graphic analysis of the collection as a whole. The value of this appraisal went far beyond the financial valuation and yielded important insights that continue to inform our management and decision making.”
– Kathryn Reasoner, Executive Director, di Rosa, Napa, CA

From an Underwriter:

“I recently reviewed the appraisal material Jeremy Stone prepared for Dr. _____’s art collection.  As I view appraisals for jewelry, art, antiques, etc. daily which come into our office from around the country, it is always a pleasure to review a professional, well-written and comprehensive appraisal. This certainly describes the work she did for him. As most appraisers don’t hear from insurance underwriters very often, I wanted to share my appreciation for the quality and depth of information Jeremy Stone provided.  It is greatly appreciated and certainly assists us in placing coverage on our insured’s fine art.”
– Jan Weyhrich, Marine Insurance Program Manager, Property & Casualty General Underwriting, State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, Illinois. Replacement Value Appraisal Report

From a Gallery Owner:

“Having  concerns and doubts about an appraiser hired by an important New York collector for a museum donation, I recommended Jeremy Stone arguing that Jeremy is highly regarded in her field, thorough, smart, a professional I trust with impeccable integrity. The collector agreed to hire Jeremy, and of course Ms. Stone proved my words true, we were all grateful for her research and competent handling of the appraisal.
– Pat Sweetow, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, CA

From Selected Attorneys:

The IRS Art Panel did an appraisal of our painting and issued its report of Fair Market Value. The IRS Panel made a number of mistakes as to the facts about the painting and its comparables, which resulted in faulty conclusions, a valuation which we knew was clearly wrong and state tax consequences. To reverse the state tax department we had to show that the IRS report was in error. We were put in contact with Jeremy Stone and engaged her services to rebut the IRS’s conclusions. Jeremy did a thorough and careful examination of the painting, its provenance and its comparables and issued a thoughtful and detailed report. We prevailed in our tax appeal due to Jeremy’s fine work.
– Attorney, CT, FMV Estate Tax/IRS appraisal, CT

“I am very happy with the result of your work on the art collection. The research involved was extensive and you put it all together beautifully. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Thanks to you I am a bit better educated on the subject and I am inspired to delve deeper. I feel that we were so lucky to have you do this the only thing that outweighs your knowledge/expertise is your GRACE…I say, well done!”
– Executor, Estate, Monterey, CA, IRS/Estate Tax, Fair Market Value Appraisal Report

From Selected Collectors:

“We are tremendously grateful for Jeremy Stone’s advice as we sought the appropriate way to sell several works in our collection in the secondary market. Her knowledge was crucial in navigating a challenging array of possibilities. Jeremy’s scope of expertise is extensive on many levels and helped us negotiate the best possible option. She helped us in every stage of the deliberation. We wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy Stone and Business Matters for the Arts.”
– Private Collectors, San Francisco, CA

“I have worked with and received excellent advice as well as expert appraisals of my art. Proof of her expertise is the final auction prices of similar art which came out very close to her appraisal of my art. I highly recommend Jeremy Stone for art appraisals.”
Private Collector, Hillsborough, CA

“Thank you for a truly outstanding job on the appraisal. Interesting, comprehensive – I appreciate the special work you put into it.”.
– Collector, San Francisco, CA, Replacement Value Appraisal Report, Insurance Coverage