BMVA LLC is a small boutique art appraisal firm by design and desire.

The quality and the depth of our art research and market analysis and our dedication to confidentiality, honesty, and client transparency are the foundation of our excellent reputation. Our clients are passionate about their art holdings and our commitment is to providing the most accurate valuation information, whether Replacement Value or Fair Market Value, to allow them to make informed strategic decisions on how to protect, donate, gift, or sell.

We appraise an impressive array of artists, including Abakanowicz, Abbott, Altoon, Arneson, Asawa, Auerbach, Avedon, Avery, Bartlett, Basquiat, Best, Bischoff, Bleckner, Brancusi, Bravo, Brown, Butterfield, Cameron, Carnwath, Chamberlain, Conner, Corot, Cragg, Davis, Deacon, de Forest, Degas, de Kooning, Diebenkorn, Di Suvero, Dumas, Estes, Evans, Flanagan, Frankenthaler, Frey, Gormley, Graham, Guston, Hauptman, Hirst, Hockney, Hoffman, Howard, Hudson, Huffman, Ireland, Jackson, Jess, Johanson, Kaneko, Kapoor, Katz, Kelly, Kertesz, Kline, Leger, Leslie, LeWitt, Lichtenstein, Liu, Lou, Louis, Mapplethorpe, Marden, Martin, Matisse, McCracken, McGee, McLean, Mehretu, Mitchell, Miyasaki, Monet, Motherwell, Moore, Nagle, Neri, Neshat, Nevelson, Noland, Okamura, O’Keefe, Orapollo, Oursler, Park, Penn, Picasso, Plensa, Ramos, Rauschenberg, Ray, Remington, Renoir, Rickey, Rivera, Rivers, Rockwell, Scully, Serra, Shaw, Sheehan, Snyder, Spero, Stackpole, Steichen, Stieglitz, Stella, Tchakalian, Teraoka, Thiebaud, Tucker, Vlaminck, Voulkos, Walker, Wall, Weems, Bourke-White, Wagner, Warhol, Westermann, Wiley, Witkin and Wool, among others. The breadth and range of work being appraised by our firm changes constantly, which makes each assignment so dynamic and scholarship driven.

On large collection projects we carefully put together a small team of top art colleagues who have worked with us previously on large estates, foundations, and collection assignments around the country, in places such as Florida, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Los Angeles. BMVA requires that anyone who works with us on appraisal inspections, research, and reports sign a nondisclosure agreement.

As a Senior Accredited Appraiser, Fine Art and member of the American Society of Appraisers, Jeremy Stone is able to reach out to her longtime colleagues and associates in the gallery, museum, and auction world discreetly and with skill. Jeremy Stone is independent, objective, and honest without bias or agenda in her appraisal work.

We are small by choice and therefore must be highly selective about the projects and clients we take on. That is a result of our expertise, history, and track record over the years. Our office is located in San Francisco but we travel for our clients to their various locations and homes.